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Co-active lifestyle coaching allows to build your own self-care routine, balancing exercise, food, and wellness with the high demands at work and home. 

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Photo: Josseph Amado 

What Is Coaching? 


Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client to achieve client's goals. Coaching is rooted in active participation in defining those goals, designing an action plan, following it, and modifying, as needed. A coaching session helps refine objectives and source motivation to pursue them. A coach is a trusted partner to help you embrace the change in your life through active listening, giving an outside perspective, co-designing an action plan, and helping you stay on tract through accountability.   

The Types of Coaching?  

Life coaching and therapy background have been one of my professional skills before I embraced fitness career.  That background helps me see a change from a holistic perspective, be it a change in exercising routine or nutrition modifications. Oftentimes, we know that we need to exercise or eat differently, yet, we fail to implement these changes. In my coaching approach, I combine plan design with an honest look into motivation and various limitations that may occur on the way to a more active and healthy lifestyle. My coaching interventions are primarily targeted at the following areas: 

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Movement Patterns Coaching​

The Three Coaching Offerings 

Explore how my co-active coaching approach can help you achieve your goals and ensure lifelong changes. 

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