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I believe that finding your best way to be physically active is as important as finding a suitable profession, if not more. It gives you the pleasure of doing something very good for your health, day after day, for many years.

Tamara Tarasova, MA, MEd
NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
Dance Instructor
Co-Active and Somatic Thinking Coach

Movement and Fitness Expertise

I am passionate about helping people discover vitality and joy in physical activities of any kind. I serve clients with a wide variety of fitness levels: from beginners to the more advanced ones, helping them to move safely, achieve excellent results, and discover the joy of being active for years ahead. I work with most age groups,  from youth all the way to seniors, carefully adapting individual fitness programs to the age specifics and fitness goals. I use fitness as a stand-alone self-care routine and a tool to improve the performance of dance and sports enthusiasts. In conjunction with medical professionals, I serve clients with chronic health conditions, like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and those recovering from injuries. 

Why Choose Coach Tamara

Fitness for All Levels

Flexible Schedule

Personalized Guidance

Specialized Programs

Proven Results

Professional Certifications


My Way to Fitness 

Despite being sporty since childhood and involved in dancing, horseback riding, swimming, and yoga, I couldn't connect to fitness exercises for a very long time. They seemed boring and uninspiring. Even dance-based fitness classes lacked the grace and musicality I would seek.


The person who completely transformed my vision of fitness was Kristen Peterson, a certified Functional Aging Coach, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. When I signed up for her Women and Weights class right after my injury rehab, I discovered functional fitness - an area of excercises that focuses on building strength for everyday life. This mixture of physical therapy excercises, strength training, and whole-body moves required a great deal of strength, balance, and coordination - the multidimensional challenge that I needed. That experience was so inspiring that I pursued the National Academy of Sports Medicine certification as a Personal Trainer and am continuing my growth through self-education and specializations.



At the age of 17, I discovered International Ballroom dancing and since then, different styles of dancing have become my body conditioning, mind-body practice, and a creative outlet all at once. Over the years, I have explored flamenco, belly dancing, ballet, modern dance, and Brazilian samba. Over the past several years I have immersed myself in the world of Argentine Tango, which I currently teach. I have performed at the Embassy of Argentina to the US and represented the Brazilian Samba at the DC Fiesta parade.

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One of my special interests as a Fitness Trainer is to improve technique in dancers through targeted muscle training. I am a certified Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) Teacher, helping dancers and beyond strengthening the core in a fun and novel way. 

Fitness/ Movement  Credentials

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Pre & Postnatal Excercise Specialist, Oh Baby! Fitness  

Progressive Ballet Technique Teacher, Progressive Ballet Technique  

Virtual Fitness Coach, NASM

Parkinson's Disease Awareness Training for Fitness Professionals​, The American Parkinson Disease Association

Adult/Child CPR/AED

Argentine Tango Instructor

Behavior Coaching Credentials

Co-Active Coach, Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)

Somatic Thinking Coach, KUN Coaching Academy

Other Credentials

Certified Weight Loss SpecialistNational Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction,  George Mason University

Master of Arts and Bachelor in International Relations, Moscow State Institute of International Relations

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