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Couples/ Groups

Best for families and friends to workout, connect, and save   


  • Vibrant energy of play in a small group

  • High level of individual attention

  • Cheaper per person than individual sessions

  • High level of program customization

  • My studio or your location 

  • Packages with progressive discounts


  • Customization may be limited for very specific goals

  • Commute (unless client's location)

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In-Person Couples or Small Groups 

Couples' and small groups' in-person training combines the fun of interaction with working out through creating the spirit of community, as well as couples-specific excercises.


With the small groups, there is still a considerable opportunity to modify the workout to the individual needs of the participants to include general fitness, muscle tone, weight loss, balance and flexibility, corrective excercises, or variations of dance training. Each session comprises a variety of exercises balancing novelty and a steady monitoring of progression through some base exercises. 


In-person fitness sessions can be delivered at my studio, the client's home or gym.* All necessary equipment is provided by the trainer. I serve in-person couple/ group clients residing in the Washinton DC Metro area, primarily in Northen VA (proximity to Ashburn, VA). The duration of a couple/ group in-person session is 1 hour. The maximum number of people to serve at my studio is 5 persons. The maximum number of people served at the client's location is TBD.  

In-person training sessions are available as a single session or as packages at a discounted rate. 

*Please note that personal training sessions can not be delivered at commercial membership-based gyms. An additional travel fee is applied for fitness sessions at the client’s location.

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