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The Art of
Profound Conversation...

Success Coaching with

Tamara Tarasova

Meet Tamara

Personal Coach

Welcome! It's a pleasure to meet you!


My Name is Tamara Tarasova. I am a Life and Success Coach and I am passionate about helping people THRIVE. 


I invite you to explore your authentic self, hidden powers, and neglected talents. 


I am all about sharing: sharing success stories, dreams,  struggles, fears, and... a cup of coffee... Would you like one?

Coaching Can Help You

Effectively navigate life and career changes  

Find more joy, motivation, and meaning in life

Improve quality of relationships, both personal and professional

Speed up your career growth and development

Define and effectively reach personal and professional objectives

Embrace your inner power...

Artwork by Charles Nkoho

I highly recommend Tamara: she's intelligent, focused, engaged, sensitive, and supportive.

- Natalia R.

Tamara is a gifted coach who brings great wisdom to her work, and she helped me connect to my own wisdom too.

- La Entrega

“I admire her [Tamara's] ability to clearly see my most urgent needs each time we have a session.”

Svetlana D.

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