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Live Virtual

Full individual attention without commute



  • No commute

  • Comprehensive initial assessment

  • Full individual attention

  • Highest level of program customization

  • Cheaper than in-person sessions

  • Packages with progressive discounts


  • Lack of in-person interaction

  • Limited opportunity for correction 

  • Technology and space requirements 

  • The need of equipment 

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Live (Syncronous) Virtual  

Virtual sessions are a convenient way to excercises without the need to commute.


During the initial virtual session, a posture and movement assessment is conducted. An individual program is designed to combine fitness goals and assessment findings, including general fitness, muscle tone, weight loss, balance and flexibility, corrective excercises, or variations of dance training. Each session comprises a variety of exercises balancing novelty and a steady monitoring of progression through some base exercises.


Unlike an in-person session, a live (synchronous) session requires some preparation on the side of the client, including:


  • A reliable internet connection

  • Familiarity with web conferencing software (TBD)

  • A training space that allows to take different angles of the client while performing the exercises

  • Purchase of fitness equipment (TBD depending on the goals). Most often it includes various resistance bands, free weights, yoga mat, etc. 


I offer virtual synchronous sessions during reasonable business hours in the EST time zone.  The duration of a virtual session is between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Virtual sessions may be offered to couples.  

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