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Hybrid Plans

Best for flexible, economical, yet individualized workouts



  • Most economical option

  • Flexible app-based training  

  • For gyms or homes

  • Comprehensive individual assessment

  • Individual programming and guidance

  • Mobile app with excercise videos and instructions

  • Individual feedback and progressions


  • Requires a high level of motivation and autonomy

  • Limited corrections

  • Limited novelty of workouts

  • Need training equipment 

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Hybrid Plans

Hybrid plans are a great option for those who have some experience with fitness training, are generally healthy, and are VERY motivated to exercise and communicate in the offline setting. The hybrid mode has the benefits of an individualized assessment, some degree of individual coaching, and an individual program at a very low cost compared to live interactions. 

The hybrid sessions start with one or more individual in-person or virtual sessions that include movement and posture evaluation, an introduction into the basic movement patterns and basic excercises, as well an overview of the required equipment.


Upon evaluation, one or more workouts (as defined by a package) are developed and shared with the client through the PT Distinction app. The app contains detailed videos and text instructions for most exercises unless specified, as well as the possibility to record a video of client's performance for feedback. 


The workouts may be developed for fitness centers or homes, depending on the client's preference and fitness goals. The goals may include general fitness, muscle tone, weight loss, balance and flexibility, and corrective excercises.  If there is a need to purchase home equipment, the trainer advises on the appropriate items. The access to the workouts by the client is unlimited within 30 days after the delivery of the workout. Further access is based on membership plans.


A typical reevaluation of the client's progress occurs on a monthly basis during either an individual session or on the client's notes through the app. Upon reevaluation and goals, the workouts are modified. When needed, the individual in-person or virtual sessions may be purchased at a discounted rate. 

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