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Why Coaching?

Having a background in Gestalt therapy and psychological counseling, I had a hard choice after moving to the United States: to pursue the known route and seek recertification as a counselor or therapist, or try something new. My formal training in Co-Active Coaching approach and Somatic Thinking Coaching technique made me a deep believer in the transformative power of coaching due to the following 6 reasons:  

Why Coaching? 

1.      Tangible results

2.      Fast results

3.      Accountability

4.      Building critical life skills

5.      Building True Partnership

6.      May Be Cheaper Than Therapy

Holding Plant

Tangible Results

Because coaching is so result- and action-oriented, coaching results are usually measurable and give a client proof that he/she constantly progresses.

Fast Results

Because coaching is so result- and action-oriented it brings results much faster than, for instance, therapy. Depending on the objective, coaching may bring desired results in as little as one session, however, more substantial and systemic changes are often achieved in 3-6 sessions. Oftentimes after a more intense initial intervention, I meet my clients on ad-hoc basis – once in several months, as new objectives/challenges arise.

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Supportive Friend
Supportive Friend


Each session typically ends with a clear set of actions. We define What? When? How often?, etc. would be done to implement the results of the session. You may or may not “report” your coach on the results, but defining those specific actions helps a coachee take responsibility for his/her actions and start making real life changes right away.

Building Critical Life Skills

Unlike interactions where a client has a role of a patient, student, or another dependent role, in a coaching session a coachee actively practices: clear goal-setting, defining ways to achieve it, taking leadership for his/her life  navigating challenges - both internal and external, and, exploring and embracing own unique potential. This is particularly applicable to non-directive coaching style. 

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Running Partners

True Partnership

Coaching is a creative and genuine partnership between a coach and a client. Good coaches irradiate a deep-down belief that any human being has extraordinary potential - otherwise, I suggest they choose a different profession. That belief is highly inspiring for a client and it makes a solid base for a long-term partnership where a client shares his/her successes and challenges and a coach finds deep meaning in supporting his/her growth. 

Coaching May Be Cheaper Than Therapy

Yes, this may seem counterintuitive, but despite the fact that coaching services are not covered by health insurance, unlike therapy or counseling, they may ultimately be cheaper for a client in terms of money and time, because coaching intervention is usually so much shorter.

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Insurance coverage
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