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Services and Fees

My services include individual, couples, and group coaching on a wide variety of topics related to personal and career development, building effective relationships, achieving greater balance and enjoyment in life. I serve English and Russian-speaking clients. I use  Somatic Thinking Method, Co-Active Coaching, Gestalt principles, as well as my own tools developed over years of practice. 

I am a profound believer that our bodies carry endless wisdom and I  actively include physical movement, including Somatic Thinking exercises into my work. These physical exercises normally do not require any specific level of physical shape and can be adapted for people with limited physical abilities. Many of these exercises can be performed in-person and online. 


I combine non-directive coaching approach working wholistically with my clients to reach deep-level alignment between their values, motivations, and goals with directive guidance, on as needed basis. My directive coaching expertise includes  career change and development, relocation, family dynamics, communication skills, leadership-followership dynamics. 

"Working with Tamara was a very positive experience. Tamara has the ability to guide her clients in a way that allows them to learn about themselves through talking about and reflecting on their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These think-alouds helped me gain clarity in setting goals and defining practical steps to reach them. Her technique of asking well-placed questions and connecting the mind, the heart, and the body helped me gain fresh insights, identify true obstacles, and find new solutions. I highly recommend Tamara: she's intelligent, focused, engaged, sensitive, and supportive.


- Natalia R. 


Individual Sessions

Working with Tamara was an amazing experience for which I am profoundly grateful. I engaged Tamara for a series of coaching sessions when I knew I was coming up on a challenging moment in my career. I truly know that my successful navigation of this time is due to her technique, talent, and generous spirit. Tamara was patient, creative, and enthusiastic. The somatic exercises always surprised me with the insights they provided: never what I expected and always enlightening. Tamara is a gifted coach who brings great wisdom to her work, and she helped me connect to my own wisdom too.


- La Entrega 

Free 30 Min. Phone/Video Inquiry 

This session is a way to get to know each other, “feel the chemistry”, ask specific questions and tailor my coaching skills to best meet your objectives. 

1 hour Video/Phone Session

This session can be conducted from any place around the world. The only requirement is a stable internet connection. Video connection is highly desirable as it allows to bring into the session a much richer non-verbal communication.  Video sessions may also include Somatic Thinking physical exercises.

1 hour In-Person Session

Conducted in the office or, weather permitting, outside, if a client is willing to do so. These sessions may include Somatic Thinking physical exercises and other physical activities, as suggested by the Coach.

90 min. Online or In-Person Session

This extended coaching session should be approved by the coach. It is more rigorous than a 1-hour coaching session, usually combines physical activities / exercises and requires previous coaching experience from a client. 

Couples Sessions

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1 hour Couple's In-Person Session

This session is effective for clarifying specific aspects in relationships between life or business partners.  Note that couples coaching is different from couples therapy. It focuses on co-actively developing solutions that best meet the needs of both sides.

1 hour Couple's Video Session

This session is effective for clarifying specific aspects in relationships between life or business partners and co-actively developing solutions that best meet the needs of both sides. Note that video session can be booked only after an in-person session or if both clients are previous individual clients. Participants can connect from different devices or from a  shared one. 

90 min. Couple's Online or
In-Person Session

This session may be booked by new (in-person only) or existing clients. It allows more time to get to know each other with new clients, but also to drill deeper into the dynamics of the relationships for the existing ones. Such extended session may solve issues that may normally require 2 1-hour sessions. 

I have been using Tamara’s services for many years and I admire her ability to clearly see my most urgent needs each time we have a session. She is also able to quickly choose multiple techniques out of her wide arsenal of tools and exercises for me to effectively resolve my challenges. Tamara gives very useful homework to strengthen skills developed during a coaching session. I also value that she has been always encouraging me to develop independent self-management skills so I could solve similar problems without anyone’s help in the future.


- Svetlana D. 

Group Sessions

Group Hike
Group Sessions 

Group sessions can be tailored for the needs of groups or organizations and are focused on personal or professional development aspects, improving motivation,  as well as strengthening communication skills. Group coaching is highly interactive, may include accessible physical exercises and use or basic props. 


1-hour coaching session $85

1.5-hour coaching session $115

3x1-hour coaching session package $240


Any paid services have 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied by the results.

Discounts and Free Sessions

Each month I offer a limited number of free/discounted coaching sessions focusing on a topic of the month. Monthly topics are advertised on Facebook#rightintimecoaching. You can also subscribe to my e-mail list to get timely notifications about discounts and other opportunities. 

I am also supporting people who either go through extraordinary financial hardships (like sudden loss of income, etc.) or teenagers lacking sustainable income. Please contact me to request a free/discounted coaching session.

Free Coaching Sessions

May Topic: Motherhood

May is the month when people in the United States largely celebrate Mother’s day. This month, the topic for free aching sessions are related to motherhood. More... 

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