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Russian-Ukrainian Crisis Response 

I speak both Russian and Ukrainian and my closest family members live in both countries...


I take the Russian-Ukrainian conflict which started in February 2022 profoundly personal. Yet, as a Life Coach, I stay away from politics, judgment, and blaming and choose to be of service to ALL who are personally affected by the events happening in Ukraine, regardless of their nationality or political stance. My goal is to help people maintain resilience, hope, and make sound decisions to help themselves and their loved ones.

I have been using embodiment practices, coaching, and Gestalt Therapy techniques since the very beginning of the crisis to help people around me get out of the "freezing" mode as a result of shock, regain clarity of thinking, live through profoundly heavy emotions, and regain the ability to function at a level that is demanded by everyday life. My practices have proven to be helpful and I am willing to offer them ENTIRELY FOR FREE to all in need. 

My offerings include free webinars in Russian language and 1:1 consultations in Russian or English language. I am open to developing English language webinars upon request.  If you believe that this information could be helpful to any of your Russian-speaking friends and/or family members, please share this link with them. 

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